4 Words That Can Change Your Life

“Kind words are a creative force, a power that concurs in the building up of all that is good, and the energy that showers blessing upon the worlds.” — Lawrence G. Lovasik

Over the past several years I have begun to listen to what I say, and how I say it. Becoming aware of the influence of my speech on myself and others is a growth edge for me. It occurred to me that along with the reaction I get from others when I speak, most of which are complimentary, I also receive a response from my internal dialogue. The combination of how my words land on others and how I feel as a result of saying them has brought me to this place of contemplation and change.

“If we understood the awesome power of words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative.” — Betty Eadie

After many years of using a street version vocabulary, I recognized that I was only being marginally aware of the often negative subliminal impact on family, friends, and associates. I’ve since come to the conclusion that if I want to live in a world where civility, tolerance, social justice, and pure kindness and inspiration abound, I was going to have to change.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging the cultural differences that underlie the way we speak to each other, I am speaking for myself and the life I personally want to live. The nature of this new life is one of peace, connection, inspiration, self-examination, and self-education. I now know that what I said in the past and the words I used to express my deepest feelings were not always in alignment with my higher self. If the words I use cannot accurately describe what I think, feel, or mean, how can I possibly convey those deeper thoughts or feelings.

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Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

For example: When I wanted to describe BEAUTY I went to Unsplash and entered the word beauty. It returned cosmetics and photographs of models. I certainly understand why such photos were returned from that query because that is what I asked for in some way.

What I meant to express was the elegance and exquisite qualities one might find in nature, like the photo above pictorially describes.

I trust this sets the framework for the list of words I am about to present. When I say these words they bring me joy, they make me smile, they lighten my heart, and thusly, they improve how I feel about myself and the world around me. I also notice how these words influence the people I meet and know. I would be grateful to hear from you and to receive your feedback on any of the words used in this list.

What I also like about these words is the feelings they generate when spoken and the thoughts those feelings call forth when applied to both my perception of myself and of others. Each word evokes a warm, positive, forward-thinking and harmonious atmosphere; one in which hope, trust, and well-being abide.


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Its as if I am being held when I am Cherished

or holding, caressing and caring deeply for someone or something when I Cherish them

in either case, it is warm and it lifts me up as if to the sun.

I embrace this word and it remembers me.


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Photo by mrjn Photography on Unsplash

“the work of compassion:

to embrace everything clearly

without imposing who we are

and without losing who we are.”

— Mark Nepo

Compassion rests with kindness and caring


flows with thoughtfulness and decency.


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I’ve never forgotten the pain that I have caused and probably never will, I cannot erase the memories of betrayal and heartache, but I am cleansed when I remember to forgive myself or another, for it is then that I have cut the chains of resentment that tie me energetically to the events. In this way…I am lifted and free!


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The heart is a giving organ

carrying the blood of life,

like natures flowing essence

the gifts of goodness and generosity originate there.

An extended hand offers all we are, giving creates life too!

“You can change the course of your life with your words.” — Anonymous

I found that using words that soothe or using words that lift the spirit has drastically changed my perspective of my life and my world view. The cool part is I have a choice as to what words I will use.

When I am consciously speaking with affirmative language I tend to feel better, lighter, more hopeful and more optimistic. When the days come that I may have started off on the wrong foot (and they do still come) I realize I have a choice as to how I think, how I speak, and what I say. Knowing this has eased me into a place of joy, rejuvenation, and peace.

May you always feel the cheer, charm, and comfort of the words that flow from your heart. May each day be filled to overflowing with expressions of a cherished moment, a compassionate glance, a forgiving exchange, and the experience of the generous gift of creation.

A believer in Lifelong Learning and Collaborative Wisdom, remembering Who I AM through essay, story, and poetry. Listening for narratives that nurture Life.

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