The poetry of change

Photo by Ali Arapoğlu from Pexels

The river of life is amazing in its power, parallel, a paradox.

The beginnings are modest, meager and only momentary

and all along the way, there is change, challenge, and choice.

In the end, always flowing to another latitude, landing, location.

I am not the river yet it moves me delicately, deliberately, down

to the banks of places I haven’t navigated, needed, or known.

Held by mother earth, blessed by father sky, support for many

and still, always changing its position, its path, its presence.

Over time, the river’s sacred movements wash over the rocks

carrying the memories of their shapes, shifting them to final shores.

I long for the wisdom of its guidance, the gentle gift of greatness

but I will choose instead to honor its freedom and its flow, forever.

Thank you Source of All Being for providing the insight to receive this gift of nature and for the pleasure of being able to share it with my brothers and sisters here in this now! May we always be open to truth, change, and peace.

A believer in Lifelong Learning and Collaborative Wisdom, remembering Who I AM through essay, story, and poetry. Listening for narratives that nurture Life.

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