Connection, love, compassion

Across the miles, I do what I can do

When you give from your heart, it’s not just another moment

I heard your pain when you told me the news

Then I remembered your childlike smile

I feel it when you tell me your heart is broken open

And I remember light peaking from your soul’s window

I know you think what you’re feeling will last a lifetime

And I remember how short a lifetime can be.

I cannot share your space, the place where you are sitting, hurting

I can share the memory of connection from a time long ago.

I cannot see your tears though knowing they stream down your face

But I can hold you dear in a space where only spirit remains.

This time is not your best time, but it is a time for you

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The Boy Inside the Man Still Exists

You may crumble and I will hold you up

You may feel lost and I will find you again.

You may be alone but only in your mind

You may hear only silence, yet I whisper softly

For though you cannot see me…I am with you!

A believer in Lifelong Learning and Collaborative Wisdom, remembering Who I AM through essay, story, and poetry. Listening for narratives that nurture Life.

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