At 65, I can offer some confirmation of your story’s message! Being driven may, in fact, make you successful, but it does not guarantee peace, joy or fulfillment!

Pursuing a life in alignment with ones’ dominant desires and practicing the activities which support our priorities, healthy growth and contentment are powerful. Even then, there are times that our survival mechanisms kick in and cause us to do more than we otherwise would take on. The extended version of this can lead us to a rut we might regret.

It is in this rut that we fine a need to “unplug” as you say. It is this “unplugging” that causes regeneration of the energetic drivers that can take us to the places we really do want to go. Going out into nature is one type of connection that actually reminds us of the value of “unplugging” from our fast paced electronic fields. Another is deep, reflective, self examination. Taking responsibility for our lives is a pathway to freedom and once in alignment with who we really are, peace, joy and fulfillment are natural by-products.

Thank for the reminder that when I choose to review my priorities I often find that I am not living the life I want and it is time for a change!



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