Taking the high road is a difficult option when emotions rule my heart, but it is possible.

I remind myself that it isn’t really the end, but the beginning.

This time I want to take the high road.

I ask myself, “how do I want this life to end?”

Universe, show me the path of the high road.

What I began with misguided good intentions is not a ball and chain.

I heard there was freedom on the high road.

Yes, it hurts and yes, I did damage.

How can I take the high road when I am burdened with the weight?

Is this some kind of circle? Haven’t I been here before?

That cannot be, because the last time I did not take the high road.

I am saddened that my contribution was no more effective.

I am joyful that at least there is a choice of the high road.

Just keep walking, I say to myself, just keep walking.

For the high road does have steps to climb and some are mighty steep.

Dr. King said I didn’t have to see the top of the staircase to take the next step.

And I remember him, and how I saw him on the high road.

So I am reminded to be inspired instead of defeated.

I look up instead of down and I peer inside instead of out

For the road I take is not high or low, but within

It’s not about answers, but possibilities

It’s not about old, but new

I whistle and I sing again

It’s not a high road after all

It’s an unplayed Symphony

The Harmonic Chorus of singing in the key of life

No blame, no shame

Just being! Just being who I am.

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