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  • David Rudder

    David Rudder

    I enjoy exploring my mind by being a diarist and writing a daily poem to reflect my thoughts…

  • Darren Richardson

    Darren Richardson

    Headline writer & copy editor for 15-plus years in newspapers (1990–2006) ; digital professional since 2008. Twitter: https://twitter.com/darren_medium

  • ScienceDuuude


    Husband, dad, scientist, loves to share sciency stuff and goofiness. Please follow me: https://twitter.com/DuuudeScience

  • Mabel Katz

    Mabel Katz

    Author & Speaker. Peace Ambassador. Leading Authority on Ho’oponopono / Autora & Oradora. Embajadora de Paz. Principal Autoridad en Ho’oponopono.

  • Zita Fontaine

    Zita Fontaine

    Writer. Dreamer. Hopeless romantic. Newsletter: zita.substack.com Email me: zitafontaine (at) gmail

  • Tim Butka

    Tim Butka

    Just a seasoned guy on a journey of knowledge and wisdom, trying to get ahead of the "if I knew then what I know now" curve.



    ILLUMINATION & ILLUMINATION-Curated publications on Medium. Cross-pollinating 9,400+ writers with 93,600+ readers. Apply to https://digitalmehmet.com/contact

  • Karmen Jurela

    Karmen Jurela

    Dentist, Author, Mentor, Coach. www.ichkreierealsobinich.de www.panorama1.de www.jurela.de

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