Kindness Multiplies Hope

I honestly don’t know where to begin! I don’t consider myself a pessimist, yet I have to admit that the impact of what seems like an ever increasing frequency of tragic events has caused me to lean in that direction.

“grayscale photography of person covering face” by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Sometimes living this life just isn’t fun. In fact, it can be downright depressing. Every once in a while though something magical happens and even if it isn’t magical for everyone, the impact of the smallest event can bring one person to change what the circumstances of life may have deluded them into believing. For me, the recent circumstances of hatred being displayed openly in our society and seemingly fostered by our cultures leadership has opened the window to a view that the evolving man is headed in the wrong direction.

That’s what makes this small, almost unnoticeable event so important. Because of the unselfish and purely precious response of two children my hope in the future of and transformation of mankind is elevated.

How it happened.

Photo by Tucker Good on Unsplash

I live in a small town in Anywhere, USA and though I have never been a fan of Halloween I was amused that the neighborhood I live in seemed to come alive (the irony of it all) on a evening I generally don’t celebrate.

As I was riding down one street in town with my dog in the backseat, headed to the store for some dinner. When I turned onto the street I was flabbergasted to see throngs of people — men, women and children parading from door to door gathering in the goodies. I was so overwhelmed I phoned my wife in amazement, asking her if she was aware of the event and somehow had just forgotten to tell me.

Well, even if I knew I wouldn’t have partaken in the festivities, but I certainly would have taken a different route to the store. I have to tell you though, I’m glad I got to see almost everyone in this small town out on the streets walking together, smiling, laughing, doting over their children and even dressing many of their pets in the garb of the day. It was hilarious.

As cool as that was for this 66 year old to see, what came next made me sob with joy and heartfelt gratitude. When I returned home (via a different path) I asked my wife if we had any trick or treaters and surprisingly she said yes, the children from across the street. They are truly nice kids and we have had pleasant interactions with them on a number of occasions. My wife said she felt bad that when they came to the door saying “we’re sorry but we had no candy for them.” I’m sure she saw some disappointment on their faces, yet they seemed to receive the bad news well and departed.

Early the next morning a package was delivered to our front door and left on our door step. When I went to pick up the package I noticed two pieces of candy on the table next to it. Perplexed and befuddled, I checked around and then my wife told me what had happened. I was dumbstruck when I learned that the candy had been left for us by the two children from across the street.

I don’t know if I will ever celebrate Halloween, but I do know that I will never again believe that the future of our culture is doomed. The kindness I saw in this really special moment changed my perspective, and gave me, at least, a glimmer of hope. Maybe it was just a moment in time…but it was a really kind, moving, moment in time!

A believer in Lifelong Learning and Collaborative Wisdom, remembering Who I AM through essay, story, and poetry. Listening for narratives that nurture Life.

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