Inspired by an Agnes Louis poem “What does it cost?”

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I could go anywhere and see the same scene

who sees who, who watches who, who cares what they see?

On crowded buses, trains, planes and cars I’ve traveled

how many eyes have I looked into without being seen?

how many glances have I missed with a stare into nothingness?

Agnes wondered, what it costs? I wonder too, what price did I pay?

What price did I pay for my selfishness, my unawareness, my carelessness?

The price I paid for thinking too much?…missing the connection of kindness.

The price I paid was eschewing the opportunity to help someone heal.

The price I paid was missing a moment of joy amid the encompassing chaos.

The price I paid was the price of admission to the greatest show on earth,

the greatest show on earth as seen through the eyes of a child,

I missed it, because I was too busy to pay attention. I was poor then.

One good thing about aging…I no longer need my eyes to see,

I no longer care about the business of the world. I care about the moment,

I care about humanity revealing the cost of connection and the price Peace.

Let us stop the criticism, there is no time, let us truly see each other…and

whatever price we must pay, tender it joyfully and share the mystery of now!

When you look at me, may you choose to see all of me in my grandeur.

When I look at you, I choose to know the price you have paid be who you are.

Though neither of us really knows for sure, let us reach for kindness and love.

A believer in Lifelong Learning and Collaborative Wisdom, remembering Who I AM through essay, story, and poetry. Listening for narratives that nurture Life.

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