The Beauty of a Silent Thanksgiving

A Different Perspective

Today is not the same as yesterday

My gratitude abounds even more.

Today is not the same for me

It’s not just the day, it’s me

Thanksgiving was a day of family,

many of whom are now gone.

In this silence, they come back to me

with great fullness in their gifts.

I remember days like this in which I worked

and in many of the days thereafter.

They were black days of retail moments

yet not for me, my moments were elsewhere.

I remember November snows, cold nights,

and minutes that I was less than happy.

Celebrations seemed to begin back then,

but what did I know? I was unaware.

Today is not the same for me,

It’s not just the day, it’s me.

What once was warm, faces the frost

yet icicles melt in the sun of freedom’s light.

I no longer look to see what is before me

I long to see beyond it.

I no longer listen for the audible

but what I hear is in the silence of life.

I no longer feel what I once knew as form

what moves me is threaded inside.

Today is a day of lifelong learning

all that is, made known in a flash.

I once thought I should have it all

and this day would be a day to celebrate it.

Now I know the completeness

of connection in and to this moment.

Photo by Mathieu Perrier on Unsplash

For this day is not the same for me,

it is as it is…enough, in this silence,

in this way, so am I, just as I am.

With deep gratitude for those in my life

and for the thread of life that connects us!

For in that connection is the feast and abundance!

May peace always reign within!

A believer in Lifelong Learning and Collaborative Wisdom, remembering Who I AM through essay, story, and poetry. Listening for narratives that nurture Life.

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