The Straw That Broke My Heart

Bruce S. Noll, CPC
2 min readMay 25, 2022

And I hope the heart of enough of us to demand change

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Who’s Next?

My deepest sympathies and condolences to the families in this country who have experienced this type of tragedy. My heart is broken with you!

At the outset of this piece, I must divulge that I am not a parent. I am a 69-year-old man without children…and I mourn nonetheless. I mourn for the families, the children, and the system of government in the United States of America.

I am also mourning for all of us who have yet to make our voices heard. Again, my condolences to all of the families who’ve lost children and other loved ones to senseless gun violence.

It is not my intention here to enact more physical, emotional, or psychological violence on anyone. If I do, it is unintentional and I will be responsible to receive the consequences of my words. And I ask for forgiveness upfront.

My Point

This is Freaking insane. I have a choice. I no longer accept or support those who interpret the 2nd Amendment of the United States of America to mean that their right to own automatic or semi-automatic weapons is more important than any legislation that offers safety to our children, educational and cultural institutions, or our standing in the eyes of our global neighbors.

This piece is not political. It is my truth. I am complicit in the apathy that causes events like the one in Uvalde, Texas, one of the too many incidences like Columbine or Sandy Hook in my lifetime to take place.

I will not speak for anyone else here, but I will continue to speak out about the unnecessary loss of life at the end of a gun barrel. I will support organizations that work to promote safety in our schools, on our streets, and in our homes. I will also work to coach, mentor, and guide young men so that they understand the consequences of their actions. I will encourage them to promote safety, decency, and respect for all people.

The History of Gun Violence in America

My call to action is simple: Do everything within your power to change the environment that permits the repetition of these atrocities and those like them. NOW!

I want no more blood, death, or grief on my hands.
Enough is Enough!

May Peace be with us!

Bruce S. Noll, CPC

A believer in Lifelong Learning, Collaborative Wisdom, Positive Psychology, and Optimal Living. I’m Grateful to be Co-creating narratives that nurture Life.