When a human being, or a culture, look outside of itself for answers to questions about what’s inside, it loses its integrity. There is much to be abhorred from all sides of our political landscape. This is nothing new. We have seen this before and will see it again if we cannot sit civilly to discuss our views/disagreements/options.

As long as either side chooses violence, violence is what we will receive. My most earnest desire is that I/we shoulder the responsibility for who I am/We are and move forward in a way other than taunting, demeaning, and harming each other, intentionally or unintentionally.

This may be naive, but the politics of violence has never been long-lived and surely, if not corrected, we will destroy ourselves.

A believer in Lifelong Learning and Collaborative Wisdom, remembering Who I AM through essay, story, and poetry. Listening for narratives that nurture Life.

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